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We are the worldwide epicenter of the Austrian economics movement.

The Mises Institute, founded in 1982, teaches the scholarship of Austrian economics, freedom, and peace. The liberal intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) and Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) guides us. Accordingly, we seek a profound and radical shift in the intellectual climate: away from statism and toward a private property order. We encourage critical historical research, and stand against political correctness. The Institute serves students, academics, business leaders, and anyone seeking better understanding of the Austrian school of economics and libertarian political theory.

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Mises Daily Articles

El New Deal y la Guerra Fría: El vínculo de la dominación del Estado

Uno de los ataques más brillantes y contundentes contra la política exterior de la Guerra Fría en la era de la...

Economics for Entrepreneurs Podcast

CJay Engel on the Entrepreneurial Life

Doing something entrepreneurial, utilizing your own resources, benefits others and is heroic.

Mises Daily Articles

El complejo industrial-regulador

En cada administración, las herramientas de la inflación, los préstamos, los impuestos y la regulación se utilizan para...

The Human Action Podcast
The Human Action Podcast

The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

Andy Duncan joins Jeff to review an overlooked classic by Mises: The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality.

Mises University Required Reading

The Meaning of Competition

Competition is a process of the formation of opinion: by spreading information, it creates that unity and coherence of...

Mises University Required Reading

The Broken Window

The broken-window fallacy, under a hundred disguises, is the most persistent in the history of economics.

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