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Hear Hazlitt

Austrian Economics Overview


In "Remembering Henry Hazlitt" (7/27), Bettini Bien Greaves lays out Hazlitt's importance. However, something important was left out of that account. Out of some 10 million words he wrote, nothing of what he said...

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M.A. in economics in Spain

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The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos now offers a Masters degree in economics, under Jesus Huerta de Soto, with a focus on the Austrian School. More here.

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"A Revival of Austrian Economics"

Austrian Economics Overview


The WSJ blogs about a revival of Austrian economics in the context of a report by the Bank for International Settlements. The report suggests that central banking and credit...

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Food for Thought

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The following thoughts on the current economic and financial environment formed part of a recent commentary sent to our firm's clients. Users of the blog may find them of general interest.

In the Austrian description of the trade cycle, the lack of any generalized rise in the...

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Hoppe has Italy

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Paleolibertarism: Il pensiero di Hans-Hermann Hoppe [Paleolibertarianism: The Thought of Hans-Hermann Hoppe], by Piero Vernaglione, was published just a few weeks ago in Italian.

This 116 page book provides a brief description of Hoppe's entire "system" of thought--...

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These Austrian guys are kinda interesting

Austrian Economics Overview


Posted here:

So, these Austrian guys, from what I remember, are uber-free market capitalists and are a strong intellectual foundation for the modern day Libertarian movement. The guy who was giving...
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Recent Blockiana

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Walter Block articles recently put online, here:

  • A Comparison of Economic Correctness and Political Correctness, Humanomics, Vol 20, No 3 - 4, pp 14 - 25
  • Ayn Rand and Austrian Economics Two Peas in a Pod
  • ...
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Why didn't "Rise and Fall" have legs?

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When I first read Chodorov's Rise and Fall of Society, excerpted today as the Daily Article, I was just blown away at the clarity of argument and the precision of the analytics concerning government, society, and economy. How much could be achieved if a...

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