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Will Radiohead be able to sell what it has given away?

EntrepreneurshipValue and Exchange


Today the CD called "In Rainbows" by Radiohead (a British rock band) goes on sale, and the sales figures will provide an exhibit in the relationship between free downloads and retails sales. the...

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The Land of Free Stuff

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship


The Economist has an interesting story on how markets drive goods and services to zero price in the presence of relentless innovation — with the web as the example in question.


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Nothing New Under the Sun

U.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange


There's no doubt that prosperity has smiled brighter and brighter on the last four generations. My grandparents, like many newly arrived from the Hell of Central Europe, lived in the attic above their ramshackle store. Their grandchildren however ramble around in what they would consider a...

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The Piracy Paradox

Capital and Interest TheoryEntrepreneurshipProduction Theory


My post Knock It Off discusses Jacob Sullum's Reason article about knockoffs in the high-fashion industry, and the lobbying by designers for copyright-like protection of clothing designs. A recent article in The New Yorker,...

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Entrepreneurship, Arbitrage, and Capital

Calculation and KnowledgeCapital and Interest TheoryEntrepreneurship


[Cross-posted at Organizations and Markets]

Over the years I'm increasingly convinced that Israel Kirzner's metaphor of entrepreneurship as costless discovery ...

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Who is Henry Galt?

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureEntrepreneurship


Fortune takes note of the "crumbling infrastructure" and suggests that Randian capitalists might come to the rescue (the article is confused and meandering so no reason to...

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Cloning Products in the Wild Wild East

Global EconomyEntrepreneurship


Anyone that has lived in or toured a big city like New York, London or Tokyo will undoubtedly bump into black market goods being sold on the side of the street.

From fake Rolex's and Foaklies to DVDs filled with recently released movies.

Popular Science...

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The Wild Wheel

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurship


No one, but no one, tells the story of the Ford Motor Company like Garet Garret. He loved machines and technology, and the markets that create and market them. He loved the car and its transforming effect on society. And he lived through it and knows what he is talking about.

Here he sees...

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Inventor versus innovator

Legal SystemEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and Competition


If you missed it, the creator of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), a popular social networking website, was sued three years ago by a company he had previously worked at.

The lawsuit lists a number of allegations, including the fact that Zuckerberg "took the original idea" and...

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