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Sociological View of Obama's World of Social Justice

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

11/16/2012Articles of Interest
What is one to make of President Obama’s celebration of the government’s role in the personal pursuits of citizens and his diminishment of the causal connection between the productivity of individuals and the success of their pursuits?
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Liberalismo e Anarcocapitalismo: La Scuola Austriaca di Economia

Austrian Economics Overview

12/09/2011Articles of Interest
Liberalism and Anarcho-Capitalism: The Austrian School of Economics , edited by Dario Antiseri, Enzo Di Nuoscio, and Francesco Di Iorio:
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Investment Chains Through History

03/18/2011Articles of Interest
Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Special Issue ( 2007): 1
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The Economic Record October 1944

01/05/2011Articles of Interest
Great Britain Goes to a Planned Economy; Lord Keynes's Preview of Bretton Woods; The Fiscal Realism of Beardsley Ruml; Garrett on Hayek's Road to Serfdom; Mind and Morals of Harold J. Laski; Collective Bargaining as a Social Evil; Philosophy of James F. Lincoln, Industrialis; and more
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The Economic Record July 1944

01/05/2011Articles of Interest
Does American Business Want Free Enterprise?; A Kansas Manifesto; Book Review by Garet Garrett; Planned vs. Free Markets, by Mordecai Ezekial; British Ideas of the Cartel; and more
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Essays on American Empire: Liberty vs. Domination

12/04/2010Articles of Interest
This volume brings theory and evidence together to argue that American empire is a departure from principles of liberty and peace and, as such, has not brought about happiness, justice, and security for Americans.
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I, Pencil

Free MarketsProduction Theory

08/31/2010Articles of Interest
First published in the December 1958 issue of The Freeman , "I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read" is written from the point of view of an Eberhard Faber pencil.

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National Economy and Rotary

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

06/29/2010Articles of Interest
A short article "by Rotarian Dr. Ludwig Mises, professor at the University of Vienna."
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