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Justin Raimondo

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Justin Raimondo is the editorial director of and author of Reclaiming the American Right.

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Evil of Sanctions, The

War and Foreign Policy

04/01/1998The Free Market
Among the conventional weapons in the arsenal of the modern Warfare State, none is crueler or more indiscriminate than economic sanctions. While a bomb, missile, or other military ordnance can devastate an entire neighborhood in a moment, the slow death of economic strangulation can so degrade an...
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Mugging of Texaco, The

Free MarketsLegal System

01/01/1997The Free Market
The furor over the supposed racism of Texaco's management dramatizes, in miniature, the tragedy and danger of so-called civil-rights legislation. The Texaco story paints a vivid picture of what we've become: an economy distorted and abused by a racial spoils system, in which race is pitted against...
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Little Green Men

Big GovernmentInterventionism

12/01/1996The Free Market
The excuses given for big government take many forms. But NASA has surely come up with something unique in world history. They are trying to convince us that there is life on Mars, that we'd better speed our way there to find out more, and that's why they need more of your money.
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Behind the Oil Rip-Off

War and Foreign Policy

07/01/1996The Free Market
The rise in oil prices provoked a frenzy of opportunistic posturing by politicians of both parties. Yet neither Clinton nor Dole will acknowledge the real reasons for sustained high prices—taxes and environmental regulations designed to keep prices high—or the reason for the newest price rise...
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Civil Rights for Gays?

Political Theory

01/01/1996The Free Market
The whole gay rights debate has, by now, gotten so tiresome that most Americans, even liberals, wish the "love that dare not speak its name" would shut up. But the gay lobby has plenty of bucks, a narrow focus, and is easily offended, a combination that keeps candidate Clinton hopping.
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