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Paul A. Cantor is Clifton Waller Barrett Professor of English at the University of Virginia. He is the author of The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in American film and TV. He is the co-editor, with Stephen Cox, of Literature and the Economics of Liberty. See his interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter.

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Austrian Economics and Literary Criticism

Media and CultureAustrian Economics Overview

Paul Cantor discusses Austrian Economics and Literary Criticism at the 2002 Austrian Scholars Conference.
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Commerce or Commissar?

Media and CultureEntrepreneurship

12/22/2003Mises Daily Articles
Paul Cantor tours the Black Sea region and observes how the juxtaposition of Lenin and McDonald's is curiously symbolic of the whole history of the region. For over two thousand years, two forces have contended with each other in this strategically located area: the state as conqueror and merchants...
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Irony Survives

Media and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology

11/26/2001Mises Daily Articles
In the weeks immediately following the World Trade Center and Pentagon disasters, commentators were quick to predict in apocalyptic terms that television and movies would never be the same again. It is still too early, however, to tell whether there really has been a sea-change in the American...
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Blame it on the Boss

Media and Culture

08/01/1998The Free Market
How is capitalism being treated in American popular culture today? The signals are mixed, but generally the picture is bleak.
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Holy Praxeology, Batman!

Media and Culture

03/01/1998The Free Market
A Jewish Batman? A female Robin? The Dynamic Duo battling on behalf of truth, justice, and Austrian economics? Are we in a parallel universe or what? We are indeed if we are reading The Batman Chronicles, the Winter 1998 issue, devoted to "Elseworlds," in which "heroes are taken from their usual...
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