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Tho is an assistant editor for the Mises Wire, and can assist with questions from the press.

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Media Accuses Rand Paul of Hypocrisy for Visiting Canadian Hospital: Turns Out It's a Private Hospital

01/14/2019Power & Market

If the USAToday author had done a two-second internet search for “Shouldice Hernia Hospital,” he would have found that it is one of the seven private...

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Cleaning Up "Marxist Trash" is the Best Way for Bolsonaro to Build a Better Brazil

Bureaucracy and RegulationGlobal EconomyStrategy


It is encouraging to see the rise of a popular politician willing to use his platform to openly call out the dangers of Marxist ideology.

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This Obamacare Program Was Meant to Save Money, Instead it Killed Thousands

12/21/2018Power & Market

This new study should give pause to all federal policy makers striving for even greater government control over healthcare, but it won’t. 

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The Fed Hikes the Target Interest Rate — But Rates Remain Near Historic Lows

12/19/2018Power & Market
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Can Renewable Energy Compete in a World of Rising Interest Rates?

12/19/2018Power & Market
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