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The Week in Review: August 6, 2016

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This week the Bank of England continued the global trend of lowering interest rates when they announced a new historically low rate of .25%, along with an additional round of quantitative easing. England is not the only country desperate for economic growth, after the Fed last week admitted the US economy was too weak for them to follow through with a rate hike. The central banks, in their never ending crusade against deflation, are fighting the very phenomenon that can actually increase society’s well-being. Unfortunately, as embodied in the rise of EU head Jean-Claude Juncker, the worst often rise to the top, as the political class continues its class warfare against those that enjoy its power.  

On a brighter note, Mises Weekends features an interview with two of our Fellows. Sascha Klocke, a German scholar studying in Sweden, and Louis Rouanet, a French scholar and frequent Mises Wire contributor, discuss their thoughts on the potential for an Austrian revival in Europe. Sascha and Louis explain why they see reasons for hope, and describe their personal experiences studying at the Mises Institute.

Sascha Klocke and Louis Rouanet: Can Austrian Economics Save Europe?

Also this week, we were excited to release Never A Dull Moment, a collection of Murray Rothbard’s essays written in the 1960s. Edited by Justin Raimondo and written with brilliant wit and insight you can only get from Murray Rothbard, Never A Dull Moment is a must read for any fan of Rothbard, American history, or libertarian political strategy.

And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:

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